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Jul 18 2016
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How to Generate Revenue with Pay Per Call Advertising

Published in Affiliate Marketing

In a world of ever expanding channels and devices, marketers have to be very strategic about where they invest their budgets. And one of the biggest measures of success for marketers is a healthy ROI.

One investment marketers should consider for their overall marketing strategy is pay per call. With the right tools in place, pay per call can make a big impact on your bottom line whether it’s from mobile, web, paid search, print, TV, or more.

Find out how pay per call can generate revenue for your marketing across online and offline channels.

Why Pay Per Call Works

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Apr 04 2016
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Which CTAs Will Convert Better For You?

What is your call-to-action (CTA) strategy? We all know including them in our ads, blog articles, and site content is important. Many businesses tend to sandwich their content with a CTA at the beginning and at the end. The logic behind this is sound: putting a CTA button at the top is the first thing that is seen, and for readers who are still there at the end of the page, another one serves as a friendly reminder. This recent Hubspot article that turned their own articles into a CTA experiment discovered something different, however. They found that their internal CTAs had much higher conversion rates than their end-of-post CTAs.

This inspired us to consider how H2 or H3 headers can do more than emphasize our keyword focuses. Internal CTA links that are embedded seamlessly in your text or serve as headers are great ways to give your reader more opportunities to see other resources after starting and before finishing the article. This allows for reader’s natural and immediate curiosity to be satisfied at different points of their choosing.

It may be advantageous for you to use unique tracking for each of your CTAs to see where your readers are more likely to respond. Perhaps it will be the end of post CTAs that work best for you, or maybe you’ll discover that your strength is in seamlessly embedding CTAs that inspire readers to take action. Either way, testing for the most effective CTA location will help you know where to concentrate on your most important links.

Another great thing about focusing on internal CTAs is that it will ensure that your content stays focused on the value that you have and is available immediately for interested readers. Whatever information you are sharing is directly related to what you have to offer, which is great for readers. Anything they are learning from your landing page or blog article can go straight to taking action if it’s a service or product they are interested in, and you’ve made it as simple as a click for them.

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Aug 18 2015
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4 Reasons Why Pay-Per-Call Add Value To Digital Performance Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Published in Infographic

4 Reasons Why Pay-Per-Call Add Value To Digital Performance Marketing Strategy

With more and more users searching on their mobile devices, giving them the option to call and speak with someone directly has played a huge role in improving conversions. This is where pay per call advertising benefits businesses that can connect and sell to their customers by phone. By utilizing call-tracking abilities, pay per call advertising allows marketers to gather new insights from their pay per click advertising such as keywords used, landing pages visited and which ad triggered the call. Information such as caller location, call duration, day and time of call are also available, allowing marketers to make powerful optimizations to their advertising strategies and budgets for better ROI.

See our infographic below to learn more on how pay per call can add value for your digital performance marketing strategy.

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Jul 22 2015
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Pay Per Click Is Search Engine’s Best Friend [Infographic]

Pay Per Click Benefits SEM

Search Engine Marketing (both paid and SEO) is one of the most effective form of customer acquisition. While there is a lot of focus on growing organically through Search Engine Optimization, marketers should not dismiss Pay Per Click Advertising. Even if your website is ranked #1, data showed that paid ads provides 50% incremental clicks. This number is even greater when the organic result rank 5 or below. Thus, whether your website is ranking in the top 3 spots or lower, pay per click advertising can help boost your visibility and generate traffic that might have been missed.

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Jun 10 2015
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Should You Invest in Bing Ads?

Published in Lead Generation

Should you invest in Bing adsThere are many reasons marketers are investing time, attention and cash in their e-commerce ad campaigns. New trends and features in pay-per-click advertising models are providing us with more keyword level control than ever. The rise of online product listing ads – as well as increasing improvements around product listings themselves – is also creating more product awareness among consumers who shop online.

Google AdWords dominates the paid search industry and is certainly crucial to many online campaigns. But marketers shouldn’t overlook the benefits of Bing ads.

A boost to search volume
One misconception that marketers and consumers alike share is that Google somehow controls all online searches. There’s actually more diversity of search methods than many people realize. According to comScore’s “April 2015 U.S. Desktop Search Engine Rankings,” Yahoo sites account for 12.7 percent of search volume and Microsoft sites account for 20.2 percent. Google gets 64.2 percent – a high percentage, but not exactly a monopoly.

Bing Ads serves pay-per-click ads for Yahoo and Microsoft sites. Can your brand afford to miss out on nearly one-third of searches?

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