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Oct 17 2014
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3 Tips For Email Marketing Subject Line

Published in Email Marketing

Tips for Email Marketing Subject Lines

Consumers now are widely using smartphones and portable devices to remain connected to the outside world. In doing so, they’re not only more informed, they’re also inundated with information, requests and content coming from all angles.

With that said, marketers are having a harder time making a lasting impression on consumers once their message gets in front of the customer’s eyes. This makes for an interesting dichotomy, considering there are more communicative conduits now than ever before. Although the technology exists to allow brands to interact with consumers more regularly, advertisers need to create more attention-grabbing messages since competition for consumers’ time is high nowadays. The window of time to connect with consumers, especially in an email campaign, is small, so marketers need to hook the reader right away.

Our three tips for rock star email marketing subject lines:

  1. Test and then test again: There’s no better way to kick off an email marketing campaign than by starting with your best foot forward. In this context, businesses can start with a bang by testing which words, phrases and sentence structures work best before sending out emails. Simple A/B testing can help any lead generation campaign. Companies can determine which subject lines work the best by splitting a campaign with two different subject lines, determining which line gets the highest click-through rate and then optimize going forward.
  2. Go local: Email marketing can be effective if it’s personalized, and businesses that utilize local marketing to their advantage are likely going to see higher click-through rates on their lead generation campaigns. Including a person’s first and last name in a subject line doesn’t necessarily improve click through rates, but localization does, according to recent research conducted by Mail Chimp. Simple things like including a city’s name can dramatically improve lead generation efforts.
  3. Get to the point: Marketing blog Wordstream recommends that advertisers avoid ambiguity at all costs when it comes to crafting an effective subject line. The point is to interact in a meaningful manner, not to confuse or put off the reader. If a company can be witty and get a point across, by all means, it should do so. Humor is a great way to get new customers to open up your email. Even straightforward subject lines are effective because they’re simple and get the point across.


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Oct 14 2014
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High Social Media Engagement Increases Retail Sales

Published in Social Media

Marketing engagement on social media boosts revenue

Marketing engagement on social media boosts revenueThe relationship between marketing and business success is nothing new, but recent data shows just how much a strong social media strategy can enhance a business’ bottom line.

Shopper social media company Collective Bias released research showing retail customers who are engaged on social media tend to spend more at businesses. In fact, Facebook fans of grocers who posted 10 or more times on the company’s Facebook page spent over $1,000 more each year compared to a typical customer.

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Oct 10 2014
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3 Things You Need to Know About SEO Services

It’s never too late to give your SEO a boost

3 Things You Need to Know About SEO Services

Search engine optimization has become such a buzzword in recent years that even businesses that don’t fully understand what it is or how it works are aware of its importance.

In short, SEO is all about making sure your website is at the top of the pile when a consumer searches for something online. Many businesses turn to paid searches to ensure their sites get premier billing, and while this can be beneficial in strategic doses, do you really want to keep paying for potential customers to see your website if you can do it for free?

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Oct 06 2014
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Measuring Effectiveness with Performance Marketing

Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to marketing, one thing is clear: It’s big business.

In fact, Statista reports that as of 2012, advertising spending in the U.S. was expected to increase to nearly $166 billion.

While television was set to continue leading the pack for advertising budgets, the online market was making a big splash, projected to see the highest growth rate among all media.

(via Has Offers)

The fact that America is fond of its advertising is hardly surprising. After all, Don Draper and the rest of the gang on “Mad Men” have been a hit since the very beginning, and the U.S. is set to continue its dominance as the largest advertising market in the world during 2014.
The question is: What does this all mean for you and your business?

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Sep 29 2014
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Landing Page Optimization for Quality Leads

Published in Promote & Reach

Lead generation was a cornerstone of business success long before the Internet changed the game, but in the ensuing years, it’s become ever more important for organizations both large and small to focus on bringing in new consumers.

(via Web SEO Analytics)

So whether it’s your online presence you’re worried about or more classic forms of lead generation, it pays to have best practices in place. The following are some cardinal rules you’ll want to keep in mind when creating a lead generation strategy:

Leave a number

Whether it’s a landing page on your website or an ad on the radio, providing consumers with a number to call is essential for lead generation.

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