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Jul 02 2014

5 Things About SEO and Social Media


(via ExactTarget)

1) Integrate social media and SEO.

Creating and sharing original content about your company/organization and brand is one of the most effective SEO tactics today. This can be a natural, organic way of external link building and crowd sourcing information. Search and rankings are increasingly relying and using social circles and networks to measure accuracy and success through effective linking strategies across platforms and networks.

2) Social is the great equalizer.

It’s hard to compete with established brands online. This is where social media can allow newcomers, startups, an unknown players to make their mark. Going viral or creating a series or backlog or valuable, high-quality content and building a social community online can make your digital marketing strategy all the more feasible.

Attaining likes, comments, shares, followers, and ultimately new relationships through social channels allows smaller fish to compete at a more palpable level with bigger players. It’s all about starting with and finding a niche market to play in before expanding your reach and growing your brand.

3) Shareable content.

You can start building these online social relationships by proving yourself interesting and valuable to new followers. This will add and supplement your overall SEO strategy. Social is ever more playing a bigger and more important role in SEO. It breaks the traditional mould of pure content, website architecture, and link building by integrating identity and relationships with content. All this social sharing brings real traffic to your website while growing your online presence.

4) SEO as identity.

What social media does for SEO is create personable brand identities and personalities around faceless digital presences. Your brand acts more like a person than a building, store, website, or company. This allows for a more a natural sales like look and feel when seeking conversions, generating leads, and opportunities. It’s also an effective way to manage your reputation and handle customer service on a manageable scale.

It’s about controlling your image and being more tactile in your digital strategy apart from keywords and overall optimization practices. Social signals increase your overall SEO and digital health. Social media marketing, when done well, is an organic means of expressing your overall brand identity effectively and naturally.

5) Make your community smaller.

The internet is a big place. Improving your ranking, optimizing keywords, and internal digital structures are worthy strategies, but adding and integrating social elements can raise your awareness to get you linked. It’s an extension of everything you and your brand does on a personal level.

Ultimately, social media helps make who you and your brand more personal and this is often one of the most effective ways to best optimize your SEO and track your progress online.

(via Social Media Today)

Rick is a digital storyteller and creative strategist obsessed with west coast lifestyle and pop culture. He leads the social media team at Prestige.

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