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Analysis & optimize      Geo-targeted Marketing
Sep 22 2014
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Using Geo-targeting to Reach Local Customers


“Local” has been a buzzword for a while now, and it shows no signs of falling by the wayside. Buying local produce, supporting local businesses–consumers are becoming more concerned with their surrounding communities every day. So doesn’t it make sense for businesses to focus on their local marketing efforts?

Inside a Chinatown shop

(via Eric Flexyourhead)

Unfortunately, data shows that some local businesses are falling behind when it comes to their marketing efforts, according to Brandmuscle’s “State of Local Marketing Report“.

Marketing has probably changed more in the past two years than the previous fifty,” Clarke Smith, chief strategy officer at the organization, said in a recent press release. “Insights from our study help corporate marketers and their local affiliates make sense of the growing complexity of communication channels so that the marketing programs they build can work across dozens, hundreds or thousands of regional markets.

Targeting local consumers
The increased focus on shopping locally for goods and services provides businesses of all sizes the chance to find their niche in a community and capitalize. However, with most consumers turning to the Internet these days, simply running ads on local radio stations and TV channels is not enough.

Geo-targeted marketing is all about setting up your website and business so search engines know you are a local option for consumers. Whether prospective customers are searching on Google maps or are turning to their smartphones to find a local business, you’ll want to make sure you are a part of the results.

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Oct 11 2013
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Prestige in 30 Seconds

It’s Friday! Let’s kick off the long weekend with a video. Here’s a commercial on what we do at Prestige Marketing for online advertising. (We all auditioned for the commercial but the cartoon guy beat us.)

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Aug 15 2013
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Local Search – Vancouver, BC

The state of local search is growing as more users on the go use their mobile devices to find places to eat and socialize.  This growth in traffic is not only from “Local Searches” but it is also from “Tourist Searches”.  For example, many people want to find the “Best Sushi” place, closest to where they live, using their mobile device, tablet, or personal computer.  Sometimes, all of them as different touch points.


Local SEO for Vancouver BC

A city like Vancouver, BC gets over 8 million overnight visitors on an annual basis.  Now let’s just say that half of them are using a mobile device, tablet, or personal computer to look for something perishable.  That is potentially 4 million local searches for food whether it is for Sushi, Tacos, Pizza, and Burgers.  Chicken feet is more long tail traffic; more on this later. :)

Source:  Overnight Visitor Volume to Metro Vancouver – Visitor Profile by TourismVancouver.ca

Google+ Local for your Restaurant

Google’s main goal is: To provide searchers with the best user-experience possible.

If someone comes into your restaurant because they searched for “Food” on Google + Local while visiting Harrison Hot Springs for the day, then the same applies to your business.

Provide that person(s) with the best experience, and hopefully they will come back while telling their family and friends too.  The key here is to get them to write reviews.  The reviews are ‘social proof’ for to your brand and service.

For every review you get it means that people are engaging in what you have to offer and Google is going to rank you higher in search results so that you have more visibility to potentially satisfy those customers.  Saying that, “Potentially” is used loosely here as Google uses “Probability”.  The more positive reviews, the higher the probability that they will continue that service.


So how do negative reviews affect your business and Google + Local rankings?

Many clients have asked me this and at the end of the day, no one is perfect.  If a company has 100% positive reviews then that always raises a flag to me in terms of trust.  There will always be that one customer or event that is a ‘Dark Cloud’ J but it remains in the hands of the business to respond accordingly and revisit being the best as giving the customer the best experience.

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Sep 25 2012
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Twitter Uses Geo-Targeted Options for Tweets

A few months ago, Twitter gave the go-ahead to geo-targeted advertising.  Initially, the feature was trialed with Coca Cola and Wendy’s and it proved to be very successful.  The ads were dubbed “targeted tweets” by Twitter, and this allowed brands to reach specific audiences without having to send tweets to all their followers.  It is a feature that is now available to everyone, not just big business.

Today, Twitter is expanding its geo-targeted tweets to reach markets in both the UK and Japan.  As a result, advertisers will have more options.  According to Twitter’s Product Manager, April Underwood, geo-targeted marketing can be teamed up with targeted tweets, resulting in Promoted Tweets being delivered to a deliberate, regional audience.  This means that a business’ specific tweets will reach the required audience, instead of being a blanket tweet that may be ignored by many.  This is a feature that will come in particularly handy due to the use of smartphones and mobile apps that take into account the phone owner’s location.  So, if the Tweeter has a special offer or wishes to impart particular knowledge concerning a certain place, then this is a feature that is going to serve them well.  Whilst it is not yet available nationwide, if the set-up proves successful, it surely will not be long before the technology will roll out across the globe.

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Sep 20 2012
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Great Ways to Target Local Customers

When people think of the internet they often think that it is best for reaching a global audience, and while this is true, the rise of geo-targeted marketing means that using the internet can also be a great way to drive people to your locally based business.

Targeting traffic should be part of your online marketing strategy and recent research has shown that as much as 80% of the people performing a search online are actually seeking out a locally based business.

Displaying online ads that are geo-targeted is an excellent way of not only reaching people who are looking for the goods or services you provide but also finding the people seeking those same things in the area where you are located.  Using keywords, increase your ranking by fine tuning them to make sure that you are including details of your location in your content.

A large number of searches for local businesses are performed on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, so make sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewers.

Special offers that are only available to local customers are another great way to drive local traffic to your site.  Offer discounts or free items, run competitions for local people to enter and think about other creative ways that you can help to drive the traffic that will benefit your business the most to your website.


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