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Mar 26 2012

Get a Link Development Strategy in Place


Implementing a link development strategy is imperative to making sure that any website your company runs ranks well in search engines and should be one of your main priorities for ensuring that your website can generate traffic through search engines, especially Google.  The more incoming links a website can generate the better their page rank within Google and this is one of the main methods Google uses in judging a website’s importance.  This is then reflected in how high a website appears when a person does a search using Google.

When trying to get links don’t just focus on getting them to the home page, any of the pages on a site are valuable and can help to improve the page rank.  The relevance of the links isn’t as important as the fact that they point to somewhere on the site.

Google does seem to give priority to some links over others but the fact is a site simply cannot have too many incoming links so try and get them wherever possible.  Google keeps their ranking process relatively secret to prevent abuse so the exact nature of which links are preferred and why is not known.  However, if someone is willing to place a link to your site on theirs they should be encouraged to do so.

Another way of generating links to your site is by leaving comments on other people’s sites and blogs.  Don’t abuse this process, make your comment relative and informative and people will be more likely to click on it.

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