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Mar 10 2014

How to Incorporate Google+ Into Your Social Media Campaign [Infographic]


In less than three years, Google+ has proven it’s not just a competitor for Facebook. It’s carved out its own niche – one that’s built on strong content and engaging dialogue. That means that for any content marketing strategist, being smart on Google+ is essential. Here’s how to get started.


3 Things Google+ Does Better

#1 It’s a better place for smarter, in-depth, targeted conversations.

#2 It helps Google track affinity data combining it with data from YouTube and Gmail.

#3 It makes photos searchable even without tags.

6 Essential Tools For Your Google+ Strategy

» Build your circles
» Set up your Google Authorship
» Share your expertise with Hangouts On Air
» Join Communities with topics specific to your niche
» Post content for an SEO boost
» Track your impact with Google+ Ripples

Google+ makes your content work harder. What’s your social media strategy in 2014?

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<a href="http://prestigemarketing.ca/blog/how-to-incorporate-google-into-your-social-media-campaign-infographic">How To Incorporate Google+ Into Your Social Media Campaign [Infographic]</a>

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