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Aug 27 2013

The #Facebook Hashtag – How It Works [Infographic]


Despite its more than 1 billion active users, Facebook hasn’t offered an easy way for marketers to track trending conversations – until now. In June, Facebook started rolling out the first several features that will improve trend-tracking: Facebok hashtags.


How do Facebook hashtags work?

Click on a hashtag, and you’ll see:
»   A feed displaying other people’s hashtagged posts
»   Related posts on Pages

You can also:
»   Search for hashtags
»   View hashtags that originated on other sites

How marketers can use Facebook hashtags:

»   Track your “campaign” conversions – Allows you to identify customers who are actively interested in your brand.
»   Track mobile conversions – Hashtag support for Facebook’s mobile site is now available
»   Open your Twitter chats to a broader audience – Facebook offers a larger community with which to interact – if posts are public
»   Seek out related hashtags – Similar hashtags will also appear in search results

Tip: Make sure to encourage public postings in hashtag conversions, since only 29% of all Facebook users make their posts public.

Are you using Facebook hashtags in your marketing efforts?

(click to enlarge the infographic)


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<a href=”http://prestigemarketing.ca/blog/introducing-the-facebook-hashtag-infographic”>The #Facebook Hashtag – How It Works [Infographic]</a>

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