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Jul 10 2014
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Content Marketing is the New Marketing


Marekto published an interesting new B2B marketing focused infographic talking about how content marketing has transformed traditional advertising methods.

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” – Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

(via Post and Beam)

Generating active content has become an extension of overall marketing and branding materials businesses and organizations already sends out. Creating high-quality content in order to build your brand as a thought/knowledge leader within your industry and trust in the community focused on a target audience is a very viable way of generating leads and engaging customers.

Why should companies use content marketing?

Risk mitigation: It develops trust using information and data to persuade the customer and inform their decision making in order to lessen the idea of risk.

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Jul 02 2014
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5 Things About SEO and Social Media

(via ExactTarget)

1) Integrate social media and SEO.

Creating and sharing original content about your company/organization and brand is one of the most effective SEO tactics today. This can be a natural, organic way of external link building and crowd sourcing information. Search and rankings are increasingly relying and using social circles and networks to measure accuracy and success through effective linking strategies across platforms and networks.

2) Social is the great equalizer.

It’s hard to compete with established brands online. This is where social media can allow newcomers, startups, an unknown players to make their mark. Going viral or creating a series or backlog or valuable, high-quality content and building a social community online can make your digital marketing strategy all the more feasible.

Attaining likes, comments, shares, followers, and ultimately new relationships through social channels allows smaller fish to compete at a more palpable level with bigger players. It’s all about starting with and finding a niche market to play in before expanding your reach and growing your brand.

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Jun 23 2014
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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the tech giant’s latest appeal to small business owners looking for a one-stop shop to increase their business’ visibility on the search engine, Google Maps, and Google+. The sell is users’ ability to control their application all from one place, a dashboard suite of tools.


This avoids repeated duplicate information across Google’s products and platforms. It’s another move closer to Facebook type integration with updates and news being shared more fluidly. It’s aimed primarily at those who haven’t yet had the time or energy to develop their own Google search and optimizations strategy.

This appeal and single user integration allows you to access Google+ (share content), Insights (see your visibility, engagement, and audience) and edit your page, Reviews (manage and view them), Analytics (direct access), or Hangout (start a chat). This is going to be the default experience for businesses already using Google’s business services.

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Jun 19 2014
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How Google Analytics Can Help Small Business [Infographic]

Small businesses will likely not be as successful as their competitors if they do not have the ability to understand what their customers are looking for. Business owners need to know their target audience’s wants and needs, and how they can effectively market their business to attract potential customers. So how do you understand your customer better?

Google Analytics for Small Business

Google Analytics tracks your website data, which can be analyze and help strengthen your marketing efforts. With so many different areas to look at inside the Google Analytics report, here are five areas which small businesses should focus on to get a better understanding on their website:

1. Traffic Sources
Review where your customers are coming from, including organic search and social media traffic. You can also see how many visitors are unique and how many are returning visitors.

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