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Jun 19 2014
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How Google Analytics Can Help Small Business [Infographic]


Small businesses will likely not be as successful as their competitors if they do not have the ability to understand what their customers are looking for. Business owners need to know their target audience’s wants and needs, and how they can effectively market their business to attract potential customers. So how do you understand your customer better?

Google Analytics for Small Business

Google Analytics tracks your website data, which can be analyze and help strengthen your marketing efforts. With so many different areas to look at inside the Google Analytics report, here are five areas which small businesses should focus on to get a better understanding on their website:

1. Traffic Sources
Review where your customers are coming from, including organic search and social media traffic. You can also see how many visitors are unique and how many are returning visitors.

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Jun 10 2014
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Defining Premium Content [Infographic]

Quality content is in higher demand than ever – but what kinds of content are companies releasing, and how do you define premium content? Some say “premium” refers to quality while others say it means the user pays for content. But one thing is for sure, brands are spending a lot of money on premium content creation.

Defining Premium Content Infographic

Here’s a look at the different types of premium content:

E-Singles or E-Book
5,000 to 30,000 word stories, usually non fiction and sold inexpensively (typically priced at $1.99 to $2.99)

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Jun 01 2014
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Whitecaps FC Suite Social Contest

It’s contest time! Get into the Whitecaps FC Suite Social with your tweets.

Connect with the ‘Caps by tweeting at @WhitecapsFC (you can find us at @prestigemktg) or by using the #VWFC hashtag and you will be automatically entered in an exclusive giveaway.


How it works:

Winners are selected based upon the total number of interactions with the Whitecaps FC Twitter account.

Starting May 1, three winners will be selected over the course of the contest (June 30, August 31, and October 20).

One prize will be awarded every two months to the tweeter with the top number of unique interactions with @WhitecapsFC.

This prize pack includes:

  • One Whitecaps FC baseball cap and scarf
  • An Invitation for you and one guest to attend our October 25th match vs. Colorado in hospitality suite with Prestige Marketing

At the match on October 25, each winner will be presented with a Prestige Award and one of the winners will be given a team-signed WFC jersey.

Good luck and happy tweeting! Full details.

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May 28 2014
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You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler once again use rapid fire one-liners and laser-targeted tech jokes to encapsilate absolutely everything “You’re Doing Twitter Wrong” in their latest video.


While timely, they use humour to highlight more than a few real social Twitter missteps:

  • Retweeting a compliment is the same thing as bragging.
  • If you promote something too much, it’s probably doing more harm than good.
  • Easy on the hashtags.
  • If you start a tweet with a username, only that person and the people that follow both of you see the tweet. That’s why people put a period before the username sometimes so everyone can see it.

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