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Mar 12 2012

Social Media as Part of an Online Marketing Strategy

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By many, social media is considered to be somewhat taboo in the workplace.  Social media has been given the reputation as a casual pass time, a fun way to connect with old friends, and some may even consider it to be a waste of time.  However many small and large business owners are discovering that social media can be a great way to maximize online marketing strategy in a very cost effective way.  Currently some of the most popular social media venues used by today’s marketing experts include company blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here’s a brief summary on how each of these social media channels may help your business.

The blog, formerly known as Weblog, was perhaps the beginning of all social media.  Blogs started when websites began to attach forums to news stories or products, to allow visitors to leave comments and testimonials for other visitors.  This online diary has proven to be an excellent way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and get valuable feedback quickly and easily.  Another advantage to using blogging as part of an online marketing strategy is the blog’s search engine friendliness.  Blogs can easily encourage and invite inbound links that can improve the website’s visibility to potential clients.

Twitter, a favorite among celebrities and other smart phone enthusiasts, is another important part of a successful online marketing campaign.  Twitter is a blog for men and women of few words.  With a maximum of 140 characters, a tweet (the name for a twitter entry) is short and sweet, and is less time consuming than a blog.  Even the busiest of marketing execs can easily send out numerous tweets per day keeping a brand fresh in the consumer’s minds and engage target audiences instantly.  Due to its instantaneous nature, companies can also keep up to the minute tabs on competitors and the industry at large.

In today’s fast paced digital marketing world, no successful online marketing strategy would be complete without a great Facebook page.  Although paid advertising is available on Facebook, companies can build a Facebook page free.  This is especially helpful to small businesses with a limited marketing budget.  By simply “liking” ones social and business networking circles, a small business can reach hundreds of people without spending a dime.  Facebook also offers businesses a tool called “Facebook Insights”.  This tool allows users a detailed look at who is viewing their page.  Businesses can get to know their customers with information such as the age, gender, and location of those who visit their page.

LinkedIn offers a more business related means of social networking.  Much like Facebook, LinkedIn allows businesses and individuals to create a profile and view other’s profiles to keep up on the comings and goings of individuals and their specific industry.  LinkedIn is a great way for businesses to track leads and upcoming projects.  LinkedIn keeps businesses from missing opportunities and keeps them on top of industry news and trends.

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