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Mar 08 2012

Tips for Paid Search Marketing


Any business that conducts transactions through the internet can benefit from paid search marketing.  This form of marketing has been very effective and successful for business owners around the world.  When the technique is used correctly, owners can benefit from increased web traffic, better exposure and higher sales.  Using this form of marketing is essential for any business that relies on purchases made over the internet.  In order to make good use of this marketing tool, there are some tips that can help lead the company to success.

Most companies that use this type of marketing are small businesses with a tight budget.  On average, almost $2500 a month is spent on a paid search account.  The key is to maximize the money that is being spent and make the marketing tool work in favor of the company.  By following some tips, making the most of paid search marketing can be very simple.

  1. Choose the right keywords.  When businesses have small budgets, every click from a potential customer counts.  When the right keyword is used, businesses will reduce the amount of competition and will also pay less money per click.  This allows the budget to stretch further and improves results.
  2. Select the right time of day.  Many business transactions occur during certain hours of the day.  By running ads during these times, exposure is increased.  Studies have revealed that men and women shop online at different times.  Depending on the product and service that is being offered, adjusting the times when ads are run can be beneficial in targeting a certain group of potential buyers.
  3. Use “long tail” phrases.  This can increase traffic and lead customers in the right direction.  By adding a few words to the main keyword to list a specific item, the company will attract buyers who know exactly what they are looking for.  This will reduce the number of generic searches and will reduce the amount being spent on the paid search marketing.
  4. Write ads wisely.  Owners should make sure the ad is as descriptive as possible.  The less relevant the ad, the lower the click through rate will be.  Low click through rates mean lower rankings on the search engine and will eventually end up costing more money.  Having a specific ad that details the product will be more effective, will help the site rank higher and will reduce the costs.

By using some of these tips, small businesses can take full advantage of paid search marketing.  Seeing as this is one of the most powerful tools available for any business online, it is important to make the best use of it.  Strong keywords will always help with search engine rankings.  While this form of marketing can be pricey, it has many positive benefits, including a drastic increase in the return on investment.  When a site turns up in the top of a list after a search is conducted, the site will receive more traffic, which means more potential customers.

About the Author: Nermin Hadzikadunic from Prestige Marketing Inc. is a certified Google Adwords & SEO professional with an extensive background in Internet marketing.

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