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Jul 06 2012

Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]


It’s easier than ever to create and develop your own online marketing strategy. With the variety of tools available, small businesses are taking advantage of the quick and cost effective online advertising and promotional platforms to help reach their target audience. However, as the internet culture continues to evolve, it is also very easy to make an online marketing mistake. In this infographic, lets take look at the top five most common marketing mistakes so you can avoid them in your future campaigns.

Infographic highlights:

1). 83% of Facebook users say they rarely or never click on Facebook ads.

2). 78% of people belive that custom content helps build better relationships between organizations and individuals

3). 49% of people who are happy with their recent purchase will open future emails 7x faster than those that haven’t made a purchase in the past 3 months

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<a href="http://prestigemarketing.ca/blog/top-5-online-marketing-mistakes-infographic">Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]</a>

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