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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Business Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are often your first point of contact between you and your customers. Therefore, if your print materials do not capture the attention of your potential customers, your sales will suffer as a result.

At Prestige Marketing we can help you create marketing materials that will make your business look professional, established and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Here are some of the marketing materials we create:

  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Internet Banner Ads
  • Brochures
  • Fact Sheets

Here are some tips for you to understand that while print is highly effective at driving new business, you have to do it right or you will throw money in the garbage:

  • If you print materials are not visually appealing you may never get the chance for the prospect to read your materials and in-turn connects with you. Proper design gives you a chance for the prospect to actually read your materials and in-turn gives you a shot at closing a new prospect.
  • Sometimes one can get lost in product features. It is important for the prospect to understand the features of the product but they’ll never get to that stage unless you have included great benefit statements about the product. It is your product benefits that will draw people in to learn more about the features of your product or service. Include testimonials and other trust building factors so people see that others have received benefits from what you offer.
  • Your print materials cannot have cluttered information; it needs to be clear and concise. Instead of explaining something in a paragraph, break it down into one benefit rich statement. Your prospect has to be able to clearly find the information/benefits you are trying to deliver. If they are not immediately drawn to you by reading compelling benefits you could lose a great prospect.
  • Your business needs a voice, your business needs to have a clear message but above everything your business needs to have a personality. People buy from people, not machines. You have an opportunity to let people know that your business has a heartbeat… that you care, that you can be funny and have a good time, but that you also mean business when it comes to delivering for your customers. If your print materials are too bland or technical you can lose business because people are just not compelled to read on.
  • Some people struggle with this but as you can probably tell with our website we like using calls to action. You have done a great job helping people understand what you do with great benefit laden statements, you have successfully written in conversational style while getting the prospect excited about working together, they have read a couple testimonials so trust is growing…so why do people have a tough time asking for the sale or asking the prospect to take the next step to working together?

Do not leave your hot prospect hanging wondering what the next step is in working together. So add a call to action on all marketing materials where possible.

Don’t send those brochures to the printer before talking to us! Get maximum results from your print material so you do not leave a single penny on the table, contact us right now.

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